When does foreplay start?

On Ashley Madison, it starts the minute you write your profile. Write me something that says you are worth it. Foreplay starts when you write and say hi. The minute I read it I want to feel something. (pet peeve: please don’t ask, “Are you having any luck on here?” or something like that.) As I read, I am picking apart all sorts of little things to see if we should have sex. I want you to remember little things about me.

Foreplay is when you respond to a picture I send. Promptly. When you text, and not at a time I ask you not to. When you ask how a sick child is.


I know, that’s a lot of work, isn’t it? Well, I am worth it. I will make you happy you did. The real foreplay goes on when I ask that you give me more than an hours of your lunch. Where I spend time with your body and you spend time with mine. Where I do all those things I have been thinking about all week. All those things that you have been writing me about come true.