A woman on a beach with a suntan wearing a top...

–Here’s a Piece of Erotic Fiction (Just slightly Taboo). It is partly based on a true story. Cruises are full of pigs eating at the buffet, but also some wonderful bodies–


It was day two of the cruise, and the main pool was surrounded by pool revelers and sun worshippers. Music thumped in the background and giggles filled the air.The sun beat down on my skin and I felt it energizing me. Next to me, my 18 year old niece Megan was slurping on a strawberry smoothie and sitting on a towel. She was still dripping wet from the pool but soon the sun would dry off every inch of her young skin, and she would get hot and want to swim again.

I lay on the pool lounger, slightly inclined, watching the crowd through my sunglasses. Tanlines were developing all over me, and soon a white line from my bikini would be surrounded by the red flesh.  I looked at my breasts, not too bad for a 38 year old who has given birth and breast fed, but still, all day long I had been surrounded by young woman on the boat.

How could I know there would be a cheerleader competetion to be staged on the boat, not to mention all the regular number of girls running to and fro on a cruise ship.

My flesh browning in the sun made me feel on fire, wanting to touch and be touched by man and woman alike. The smell of the pool chlorine and sunscreen, and watching the tan lines everywhere. Girls with suits falling off of them  got attention, and I couldn’t help but watch their bodies, and then see muscle-laden men pamper them with attention. God how I wanted to get some attention from some of the men on this ship.  One of them now was there, a near hairless body, full of marine muscles, sturdy pecs and rock hard legs that I am sure carried a rock hard cock. A hot marine guy I had seen more than once on the ship.

I laid back on my chair, pushed my chest up, and pulled the top down just a notch to expose a bit more of my tits. They were still worthy tits, and came with cleavage, and my ass had only slightly widened and dropped.

I looked at my niece, who was the most beautiful thing in my family. Her cute, pug nose, so innocent, and fresh. Her cheeks that smile greatest, even as she slept. She had a sculpted body without even trying, firm muscles, slender, with tits it seemed the whole world was so curious about. I had seen her look at them, gently touch them with her fingertips in the mirror. The outline of her nipples could be seen in her white bikini.  She gave the last slurp of her smoothie and then turned to lay face down in the lounger.

She gave a slight wiggle, and I watched her ass cheeks which were so firm and sweet. I looked at the bikini bottoms which angled to cover only half the sweet mounds. Oh did I miss that power of youth.

She shifted to get comfortable, moved her ass up and down a bit. I noticed the marine man’s eyes gaze her way, his eyes stayed a bit longer than usual, I could tell he was watching her.

“Honey, you don’t want a strange tan line on your back.  Here, make sure you stay layed down while I do this.”


I leaned over and pulled the tie on her bikini, then I let them fall down the side of the lounge chair.  The tiny sides of her breasts were revealed, and she lay there, happy as could be, in just her tiny bikini bottoms


I looked at the marine. He had a firm jaw, sculpted muscles, but not so big as to be gross, but just right enough to give me a firm, long pounding.  He had a beer in his hands and his eyes wandered.


Look, Megan over there, another cruise ship. How neat.”


“There. Check it out.”

She got up on her elbows, and her bikini strap fell to the ground. Her  breasts were exposed, just barely enough to be smushed under a B cup. Her nipples were pert, so fresh, and looked sensitive enough to get hard and stay erect. The triangles from her bikini top had surrounded them with fresh, completely white skin.

I felt the energy of men all around me look. I saw Megan scanning the horizon, her sweet smile still on her sun drenched cheeks, and she was completely topless and completely beautiful, still looking for the other cruise ship that was never there.

“Megan, oh no, your top,” I finally said.


She looked down, saw her exposed breasts and bikini top lying on the towel. Glances from men and woman all over. She gave a half-laugh, reached down and looped the top over her head, lilned up the cups, and quickly tied the tops back on.


“I hope nobody saw,” she said, and laied back down.


“Its okay, I don’t think they did sweet pea,” I said.


But they had. I watched as the Marine got up out of his chair and was walking our way.