Thank you

Thank you for writing me before you go to bed.

Thank you for leaving a message for me when I get up.

Thank you for the smile you give for me. Just for me, as i enter the coffee shop. I see the little boy in you.

Thank you for understanding when I cancel.

Thank you for making out with me in the parking lot like we are 16 again. I know you wanted more. 

Thank you for touching my body with passion.

Thank you for not leaving scratches on my ass as I ride you. I love when your fingers clench in. Please don’t leave a mark. Please do keep making those noises. Nobody will ever hear but me, and I won’t repeat them to anyone.

Thank you for treating my breasts as pieces of art, not pieces of mud.

Thank you for trimming. I enjoy the curve of your cock more than you know. The feel. The rush. The climas. I do. 

Thank you for licking me with passion, but not trying too hard. Thank you for not swearing to me everyday how you give the “best oral I ever had”. If you really did, you wouldn’t have to tell me every email.

Thank you for laying with me afterwards, naked, in the near dark hotel room.Thanks for tracing a finger on my back, down my body, lightly over my ass, while my legs are tangled in the sheets. I want to know you want me again. Thanks for bringing me water. 

Thanks for doing things right.