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Ashley madison’s blog just put out an article on cuckolding. I can’t say I have found that on Ashley madison. What’s the opposite of Cuckolding? Maybe that’s were I am at now. Where you want your man to be as far away as possible while you have sex with someone else.

Closest thing was a man who was trying to find a way to get me, his wife, and himself together. It was convoluted and wasn’t going to happen, (not that I was against it, but more stuff was at play.) We enjoyed talking about it anyways.

Cuckolding is some kind of fetish where the man gets off by watching his wife with somebody else. It seems a man with the biggest dick around. A man who is a bull. Your man then feels lesser and shameful and it becomes almost some S & M kind of thing.  I can’t say I have done ‘married cuckolding’ but I have done ‘sharing’ to a degree, and like most things, it’s better in fantasy than reality.


The idea is your partner watches you have sex with someone else.   It never seems to work out as good in real life. Like sex with more than one partner that is orchestrated wonderfully on porn (you can’t give oral like that when someone is slap-slap-slappng you form behind.)

As hurt as I was by my husband cheating, I sometimes ‘get off’ by imagining them together (i know, twisted isn’t it?) but in my brain I can’t help but see his ‘fuck face’ with her. I see her giving him oral. I see his hands wrapped around her little ass, comparing it to mine.  I can’t help but torture myself a bit, and it’s both erotic and terrible.  In a perfect relationship, maybe we would love to see our partner pleasured by another, but for now,  I will do it in private, with my partner unable to see.