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I mentioned my first meeting with someone on Ashley Madison and how nervous I was.

We had oral in a parking lot and I scooted out of their fast. It was my default at the time. Sex on the first date is not my default. I think I did it just to get it over with. Just to leave an impression. Yes, I know, it’s fucked up.  If i have sex with you my first meeting, I may want to avoid you and never see you again. It has happened more than once, but not a lot, and usually not ‘full sex.’

I do realize I have a pattern when things go well for me on Ashley Madison.

You message me something witty, something fun, something personal. You are assertive but not pushy. You don’t ask me to call you or ask to meet the same day, but you make it known you are interested in Me, Not just fucking anything, but ME. You either have a picture or send one on request. I deny some men just based on the picture. Sorry, there’s just some duds out there.

We write a few messages, switch from the site to email. Maybe I give you my cell phone number, maybe not. I would rather not talk on the phone with you before we meet, but sometimes I do. We exchange a few pictures. I do not want to see your dick, but I may show you parts of me. You must respond accordingly.


This may or may not be me

1st meeting: Short one, and maybe a kiss. You better look at my eyes first, then you can look at my body. I will notice this. You better make me laugh.

2nd meeting: a kiss for sure, if I dont want to, I am not interested at all. I will smile but leave quickly.

3rd meeting. At this point, I don’t need to see you in public, I’d rather meet with you in private, but may not want to have sex. Sometimes a nice makeout session in the car. We leave each other wanting more.

4rth meeting: We arrange parameters for sex. I got a feel for what you are like. I find out if you are too pushy, too clingy, or not giving me enough attention. If so it will go no further.

But if we do make it further then it’s on.

The more attention you give me without being clingy, the more I want to be your pet. Please turn off your profile. Please surprise me once in a while. I want you to remember me. I want more than just 45 minutes at lunch, at least to start. As time goes on, we can get more creative. Some things I have tried that I want to talk about: Your office. (the hottest!) A wine lunch in the park. An early morning breakfast to start the day. Renting a hot tub. Visting a ‘toy’ shop together.

There also seems to be a point when it has run its course, and its time to say goodbye, but that’s for another day.

*It says about a hundred people read this blog. If anybody wants to ask me a question, I made an email just for this private blog. Please write if you want to ask a question or just to say hi.  ashleymadisonwife@hushmail.com